“That Moment When with Maya Harris” is a bi-weekly podcast that was created with the belief that we are shaped by the moments we experience. During episodes of That Moment When, Maya will be sitting down with some phenomenal people and listen to stories of their struggles and triumphs as they navigate through life and pursue their passions. Join Maya and her guests as they journey through the moments that make us who we are, for better or for worse. Episodes of “That Moment When” will be posted every other Tuesday on Apple Podcasts!


Moment of Truth with True & co.

Let me tell you a story about how True&Co. flipped my bra game upside down.


 “Talk About That Moment When…”

Why focus on the moments?

The concept of “Maya’s Moment” began as a segment on a radio show I used to co-host for. At the end of every broadcast I would talk about a topic—whether it was current events, self-care, something I saw on the subway on my way to work—and I would try to use it as a way to entertain and inform my audience.

Moments play a vital role in molding who we are as individuals. They turn into memories that later become stories to share (or not to share *wink wink*). This is why I start off interviews by asking my guests to “talk about that moment when…” It grants someone the opportunity to open up and tell a story.

With the help of my website and podcast I wanted to create a space that allows people to relate to some of the moments I experience as well as my guests. In a carefully curated social media world—we see all of the highlights and almost none of the lowlights. However, a rose grew from the concrete. Beautiful things come from the darkest of times, which is why I enjoy exploring and talking about the moments who have made us who we are—for better or for worse.

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