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“That Moment When”

bi-weekly podcast that was created with the belief that we are shaped by the moments we experience. During each episode, Maya sits down with some incredible people and listens to stories of their trials and triumphs as they navigate through life and explore their passions.

In a world where we scroll through carefully curated content, it's easy to fall into the comparison game especially when we’re seeing ALL of the highlights. Maya's goal is to normalize celebrating the L’s (lessons) in life as well as the W’s and to appreciate the moments that make us who we are—for better or for worse.

Episodes of That Moment When are released every other Tuesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and SoundCloud! Subscribe, rate and spread the word! Stay in the moment by following along on IG @mayapapaya_23 and @thatmomentwhenpod for the latest That Moment When updates!