Kiss My Pumps: Tall Girls Giving The Stiletto Stigma The Boot


Maya Harris, NJ, 5'10"






I'm no shorty.

Standing at an even 5'10", I was never a stranger to the back row in photos. And it isn't rare for people to approach me and say "damn you're so tall," as if I didn't already know. It gets even worse when I wear heels. "Why do you wear heels? You're tall enough already."



I recently had an argument with a guy on social media (yeah I fell into the trap lol) who claimed that women who are 5'8"  and taller look "awkward and stupid" when they wear heels. He continued by saying, "no woman should want to be taller than a man if she can help it."


Listen. It took me a long time to be confident and comfortable with my height. I used to run away from a pair of heels. During group photos, I used to awkwardly bend my legs to appear shorter.

But now?

I love the feeling of walking into a party or restaurant and working the hell out of that room. Personally heels add an extra level of grace and elegance to my walk and my outfit. And I'm not gunna even lie, they make my booty look good. 


I know I'm not alone in this "you're too tall for heels" BS, so I reached out to some pretty awesome, influential and brilliant women, who know how to make a statement in or out of high heels. 

This mommy, tall fashion blogger and stenographer uses her quick whit and confidence to clap back at the height haters. 

"One occasion that stands out was when an attorney said to me 'You’re so tall.  Why are you wearing heels?' And I hit him with, 'I like to intimidate the attorneys.' 

If someone is being slick, I may be slick back.  If someone says,  You’re too tall.  My immediate response is, Too tall for who?"

She uses her platform to spread body positivity not only for today's generation but for generations to come.

"I try to find pieces that work well for women who have similar body types as me.  I walk in confidence, and I invite other women to spread that confidence for those that may need it. Speaking words of affirmation and providing an image of tall confidence, not just of me, but for other tall women living in their confidence. I think it helps make young women and women who are more self conscious to see that being tall is beautiful!"

Also don't forget this MAJOR key:

"WEAR THEM MOTHER EFFIN HEELS!  If you like them, rock them. I’ve heard tall women say, 'Why do tall women make it seem like you have to wear heels to be confident?' And that’s not the message I’m trying to send at all. I’m trying to say, IF YOU LIKE THEM, you should wear them. Don’t let your fear of what other people will think or say to you keep you from doing it.  If you don’t like heels just because they are uncomfortable and you’re not about that life, that’s fine too. The whole point is just to be confident in who you are, what you like, and how you want to look. And do that with no hesitation."

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Rajahnique Jones, CA, 6'0"


Cheyenne Jacobs, NJ, 6'2"


The part-time model and author talks about coming into her own and loving her height with or without heels.

"I feel I always acknowledged my height when I was kid. My parents actually sat me down and told me 'listen you are tall and are going to be tall so stand up straight and walk with purpose.' So I feel I accepted it but recently over the past two years is when I truly started to love it. I walk around with my head held high because I am proud of my height."

She went on to talk about the dating stigmas placed on her because of her height.

"I’ve been hearing 'I cannot date' or 'it will be hard' since I was a kid. Even now at 22 I have been told to use dating apps because it would be easier. I have been stopped by men of all ages who have asked me if I find it hard to date because I am tall and again I just let it roll off the back. One time, I was working at Shoprite stacking shelves an an old man just stopped and said, 'bet its hard for you to find a man at that height.' His wife came down the aisle saying not to listen to him. But, it does sometimes get to me, especially because I have even been told by guys taller then me that I am too tall. 

BTW fellas, she has NEVER rejected a guy because he was shorter than her. So if ya'll feel like you have what it takes to climb this tree hit her up.

(But don't get crazy.)

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While she balances being an actress, model, graphic and web designer and publicist, Brooke is learning to love her height each and every day. 

"I eventually realized that my height wasn’t going anywhere and just lived my life. It wasn’t until I got to the 4th grade and started playing basketball that I realized being tall was a great thing! I was born this way and I can’t control it! I wear heels because my legs look even longer in them! They make me feel confident!"

She wants other tall girls and women to feel confident as well!

"Wear your highest heels if it makes you happy. Forget what others say. Do what’s best for you and your happiness!"


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Brooke Taylor, CA, 6'2"


Jessica Jones, NJ, 5'10"



Rutgers University grad student and proud Netflix binger reflects on her experience with being bullied because of her height during a night out with her girls. 

"I, of course, was the only one wearing heels and it was very obvious. Guys would stare at me all night, and not in a flattering way. As I was about to leave the club, one man came up to me and made a nasty comment about my height and that I shouldn’t ever wear heels again because I looked like a 'freak that no man would ever be caught dead with.' I have heard this comment on multiple occasions but this one struck a chord with me because I had not tried to find a man to flirt with the entire evening and yet this bastard felt the need to confront me. So I did what any girl would do – I said, 'you look like a freak and no woman would ever be caught dead with a guy who cries.' He looked stunned because clearly he wasn’t crying, but as I walked away I placed my stiletto heel right on that motherf**kers toes, stepped down with force and model walked my way right out of the door. I turned around and all of his friends were laughing as he started to cry."

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The model, who stands at about 6'4" in heels, is not shy when it comes to rockin' those extra inches with her tribe full of beautiful tall women!

"I feel fierce as hell! Everyone stops to look at you. I always feel like a celebrity."

Taylor's confidence in her height is something other women are inspired by!

"There are a lot of tall women/young ladies who have shared their stories with me via social media and have told me that I inspire/encourage them. This always makes my heart so full because I’ve made it my duty to share my journey with the hopes that it will inspire, uplift, and encourage them."

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Taylor Rhoden, CA, 6'2"



Ariana Gomez,NJ,





This Criminal Justice major and former collegiate basketball and volleyball player is not too much of a fan when it comes to heels. But, she's definitely a fan of her height on the court.

"The only time I was confident [in my height] was when I was playing sports because I would send someone’s sh*t into the stands or block the hell out of someone on the net. Greatest feeling ever! I guess for the most part, sports helped me out a lot with dealing with my built up emotionst. Took most off it out on the court."


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The queen of marketing design and social media for the New York based culinary delight, Sacred Chef & Company, which she runs with her boyfriend/chef, doesn't let her height get in the way of loving herself or loving whomever comes into her life. 

"Girl…life is too short to sweat the small stuff (no pun intended.) Learn to walk in your heels comfortably and show the world that you can stand as tall as you want and change into flats when you need to."


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Jenny Anderson, NY 5'9"

A BIG thank you to all of the women who participated in this mini project! You are all powerful, smart and beautiful individuals and your words will inspire so many!

I'm fortunate enough to know some of you personally. But for those I haven't met, you feel like family and I hope we have an opportunity to meet and work together again in the near future! 

There are so many perks to being tall! And now you don't have to just take my word for it. You have an entire tribe supporting you!

So next time anyone tries to tell you you're "too tall for heels," kiss them on the top of the head like they're your son because girl you're fire! 

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