Tea Time in Phoenix with Teaspressa

*This post is not sponsored by Teaspressa. All opinions are my own.*

Coffee or tea? Why not both?

For those of you who know me, you know that I love tea! Coffee—eh, not so much. Even though coffee isn’t my cup of tea (see what I did there)—I always loved how creative people got with their coffee orders. From the mini foam cats, to the cream and milk faces of celebrities, coffee seemed to be having all of the fun. I wanted to have that much fun with my tea. But I couldn’t find anything in my area—which was shocking living so close to Manhattan. That was until I stumbled across a brightly colored and floral Instagram account—shout out to my explore page!

I scrolled through Teaspressa’s account and I was amazed to find out that all of the beautifully crafted beverages that I saw were teas! I didn’t hesitate to click the follow button. I then checked to see where their stores were located and my heart sank—Arizona and Michigan. Of course. Even though I had no clue when I would be in Arizona or Michigan, I kept following them.

A brief history of Teaspressa: Teaspressa was founded by Allison DeVane. Any Shark Tank fans out there? Well, Allison might sound familiar to you. She was on an episode in Season 7 but couldn’t complete a deal due to her business being “too young” at just 3 months old. But this didn’t stop her. Allison learned “to crawl and as the business began to grow—walk with it, run, then later sprint when the time is right.” She now has 4 locations and an incredible following.

Fast forward 2 years and 2,369 miles later, I was sitting in the Arcadia location of the same aesthetically pleasing cafe and store that I had only seen in photos. It’s an Instagramable paradise from the flowers hanging from the ceiling, the neon signs, the cozy corner seating, to the ‘C’est La Tea’ mural printed on the outside of the building. There’s shelved lined with different flavored sugar cubes to purchase along with other items that you can buy to have the Teaspressa experience right in your own home. They even have an online shop!


I didn’t know how to feel before ordering my first every Teaspressa drink. Nervous? Excited? I would compare the anxious feeling I had to meeting someone you’ve been speaking to online in the flesh for the first time: Are they just as nice in person as online? Will I walk away from this experience feeling happy?

The menu was super foreign to me but the barista there was extremely helpful and patient! I told her I like things more on the sweeter side and she suggested the ‘Swiss Ivory Tea.’ I got it with the Manhattan Black Tea (gotta represent for the East Coast) an espresso shot, vanilla, white chocolate, and milk. To give it the beauty twist I’ve been looking for in my tea—I added a Sapphire shot which gave my drink a blue color, my favorite color by the way and flowers to top it off. The menu also featured classic coffee drinks (for non-tea fans) & more drink combinations than I could keep up with.


It was so pretty I didn’t want to disturb it—but I didn’t come all this was just to look at my tea. My tastebuds went on the wildest ride! Every layer was a different flavor and temperature and it was definitely a unique experience! Who would of thought that tea could be super refreshing under the Arizona sun! The only thing I regret—is not going back for seconds!

All Allison has to do now is bring the Teaspressa vibe to the East Coast! Allison, if you’re reading this—New York and New Jersey need you!