Moment Of Truth With True & Co.

*This post is not sponsored by True&Co. I am writing a product review as a thank you for the amazing gifts sent to me! All opinions are my own.*

You get home after a long day at work—kick off you shoes, take off your pants (because no pants are the best pants) and then you finally take off your bra letting out a long “ahhh” or relief.

Sounds familiar right?

For about 2 years now I’ve avoided wearing bras with cups because I couldn’t find the proper fit and the discomfort became unbearable. As someone who is a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee—I was shocked that I couldn’t find a bra brand that made my tatas happy. So I settled for basic, soft bralettes which limited my choices in the sexy department.

That was until True&Co. slid into my DMs (well, my email—cause we’re professionals out here!) inviting me to join their community of fearless and bold women!

I had seen their advertisements on Instagram but I was so fed up with bra shopping that ‘d just scroll on by.

So let’s hear a little about True&Co.!

True&Co. is a female run and operated company (#YAS) dedicated to making women feel amazing through their bras and panties! With the help of some questions designed to assist in finding your perfect fit—you get beautifully made and comfortable intimates shipped right to your door.

After I took my perfect fit evaluation I selected the True Body Hipster (in black), True Body Longline Bralette (in black) and the True Lingerie Gramercy Bralette (in zinc).

I had mixed emotions when my package arrived. I was excited because getting a package of any kind feels as though Christmas came early, but for me online shopping is a bit of a Russian Roulette in regards to material and fit!

Let me tell ya’ll something.

Everything fit like a glove! Even the panties! #BigButtsClub They felt like clouds on my booty!

AfterlightImage 4.JPG

The bra I want to give a special shout out to is the True Body Longline Bralette (pictured) because of how soft a supportive it is.

Short story: On our way home from Boston, my boyfriend and I decided to stop at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame which has basketball hoops for you to shoot around—or in my case relive the glory days. I wore this bralette and not once did I have to shift, pull or adjust it at any point. This isn’t advertised as a sports bra but I would sure wear it as one. The bra is such a perfect fit I didn’t realize I was wearing it inside out until I was editing these photos!


So often women are forced to make a choice when it comes to our clothing, especially our intimates. Comfort or style? With True&Co. I don’t have to choose!

Whether you’re full on bottom, full on top, pendulous or tuberous—True&Co. has a bra for you!

Thank you True&Co. for the amazing goodies and restoring my trust in bra shopping!