Beauty Break with The Natural Market: Black-owned and Booming!

*This post is not sponsored by The Natural Market. I am writing a product review as a thank you for the amazing gifts sent to me! All opinions are my own.*



Social media has been an amazing tool to interact with different people from all over. It's been a great help when I'm suffering from writers block. However, I never imaged this inspiration to drop into my DM in the form of praise. 

Victoria Roby, founder of The Natural Market, messaged me about how she came across my page and became a fan, calling me here "shero." She wanted to send me her products as a token of appreciation and of course I said yes!

I was interested in Victoria's story so I had to learn more!

Victoria, who describes herself as someone with a "jazz personality" and a "G- mentality" started The Natural Market in her hometown of Detroit, MI. Originally her company was called "The Natural Hair Market" and the goal was to provide women with natural hair the opportunity to buy natural hair products. However once the boom of the natural hair movement hit, larger corporations took over making hair products more accessible. Instead of giving up, Victoria thought ahead and focused more on skin care while continuing her goal of showing the importance of small businesses and the impact local economies have on a global society. 

As a Black woman in business, I asked about some of the challenges Victoria has come across while working. She says it feels great being a Black woman in business but talks about the social boxes that women are forced into and how it affects them. "We are either super masculine [being women in business] or it's assumed we are out of touch and not knowledgable." She goes on to talk about the challenges of being a one woman team. "I don't get to have a personal life. I can't afford loses."

From packaging to pop up shops, Victoria puts a ton of love, care and detail into her products and presentation. And people take notice! Journalist, former First Lady of California and Emmy-winner Maria Shriver, purchased products from the Natural Market. 

The first thing I noticed about her products was the smell. They're delicious scents that fill up a room. My entire package smelled of lemons when I got it. When I asked about her creative process with coming up with scents and product ideas, she says it's all about the vibe.

"ALL of our scents are named after random collaborations with a customer or other local shop owners...or an inside joke/conversation I had with a customer. Some, especially the more masculine scents smell like the male customers!" There was so much inspiration coming from her and her surroundings, Victoria "actually had to cut back."

When asked about the future of The Natural Market, Victoria is torn. "Sometimes I want to stay a small, underground, untainted jewel in Detroit. Sometimes I want to be a really great brand in Neiman's and Anthropologie. I'm letting the universe guide me because it is truly by the grace of the Almighty I am still here."

Now it's time to talk about the amazing goodies, Victoria sent to me that have become part of my weekly routine. 

Excuse the package stains, whoever delivered my package didn't treat it with TLC!  Photos by:  Elzbieta Photography   Photo concepts/props: Myself and  Elzbieta Photography

Excuse the package stains, whoever delivered my package didn't treat it with TLC!

Photos by: Elzbieta Photography

Photo concepts/props: Myself and Elzbieta Photography

I received two types of Tri Blend Body Polish and two candles.

1. Body Polish: Abundance & Enlightenment: Both have a calming scent which makes me feel like I'm at a spa instead of in my bathtub. I use the Body Polish as an exfoliant three times a week as the last step in my bathing process. It leaves my skin super smooth and smelling lovely. I even put a small about on my face. With the weather getting cooler, my skin tends to become dry and my eczema flares up, this product helps clear away dead skin and calm my breakouts. Another plus, the ingredients are all things you can pronounce and recognize so there's no mystery about what you're putting on your skin!

2. Candles: Belle Isle Sunset & Pumpkin Crunch Cake: Victoria must of known I was ready for fall! The Pumpkin Crunch Cake smells amazing and gives my room an Autumn vibe. The Belle Isle is sweeter and is perfect for summer!

If you're looking to support Black-owned businesses and want to find natural products that really make a difference in your skin, I highly suggest you add The Natural Market to your self-care regimen. 

My products are like a home cooked meals. They carry good vibes and healing energy. We are about quality not quantity.
— Victoria Roby, Founder The Natural Market