Sweet Tooth In San Fran: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

When I booked my trip to San Francisco, the inner foodie in me immediately started to research the best places to grab a bite to eat. Every blog, travel site and "Top Places To Eat" list I found raved about Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. I'm not usually someone who flocks to touristy spots, but after reading their menu I was hooked.

I read that the shop gets pretty packed so I made sure I was on line at 9 AM, which wasn't bad for a Saturday morning. The sweet aroma of baked goods and coffee filled the block as tourists and locals alike filed in.


The hipster hole-in-the-wall is Instagram heaven with it's neon sign, delicious treats, minimalist packaging and white honeycomb floors. The floor bears a welcoming message: Holmes Sweet Holmes.

I was like a kid in a candy store...well in a bakeshop. Everything looked just as good as it did online!

I filled my box with the following sweet and savory goodies:

  1. Rest In Peach Croissant

  2. Crème Brûlée Danish

  3. Just Try It Croissant

  4. Donut with Blackberry Jam

  5. Chocolate Croissant

  6. Elote Danish

Ya'll it was all so good, I couldn't even take photos once I got back to my hotel haha! All I wanted to do was eat. The calorie count is out of this world but hey, I'm on vacation.

My overall verdict?



Whenever you guys are in San Fran make sure you stop into Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and send your taste buds on vacation too!