A Year From Now

(Disclaimer: I did NOT attend Hampton University. I was too hungover from celebrating my last day of finals that this sweater was the easiest thing to put on.)

This week marked a year since I graduated college and A LOT has happened in the last 365. Some good, some bad. But overall, a lot of growth was involved.

When I reached the homestretch during college, I thought everything was going to be smooth sailing. I was promised a job after graduation at my dream company, I was starting a new relationship and I was getting my degree. Post-grad life was finna be a breeze...

Until it wasn't. The company I was working for decided that they hired too many people so they let people go and guess who was included in that?

So I had a piece of paper worth $40,000 and a head full of ideas and dreams now mixed with anxiety and fear.

What was my biggest take away from that situation? Never get too comfortable. I was dependent on a company without any plan B, C or D. Besides the radio station, I stopped working on my passion projects and had on blinders to other opportunities.

Now I'm a year out, and I’d love to say that I have it all figured out but it's still a daily grind. Now I'm thinking a year ahead. The media industry is a hustle and you have to be hungry and consistently work on your craft to get where you want to be. Thoughts and plans hold so much more weight if you put them out to the universe while working your ass off.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your career, keep going. Keep networking and forming connections with people. Keep experimenting. Keep your head up. You got this!