Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

If someone who reads my content finds a way to relate to it and gets something out of it, that means everything to me.
— Maya Harris

If you're a rookie to the game, welcome! Your life just got a little more lit! If you're familiar with Maya's Moment, welcome back! I'm taking this moment to introduce or reintroduce the concept of Maya's Moment to you guys.

So, what is the point of Maya's Moment?

I rediscovered multiple interests and hobbies by investing in my first love, writing. Maya's Moment is a space where I document and record my journey through self-care, entrepreneurship and a sassy and corny 20-something’s perspective on life, sports, style, travel and so much more.

By sharing my experiences, personal stories and dreams, I intend to build a community for healing and growing closer to one’s self through writing, photography and creativity. I hope to inspire other women of color to have confidence in their craft and take the firsts step in their journey and creating their very own special moment, whatever that may be. This doesn't leave out other people making their mark on the world, but as a Black woman, I do create content specifically aimed at women who go through similar trials and triumphs.

So this is Maya's Moment in a nutshell. I look forward to hearing feedback from you and participating in any potential collaborations!