24 Hours In Miami: What I Saw, Ate & Did

"How long is the wait for brunch?"

"For how many?"

"...Just one."

That's right, I took my first trip to Miami ever solo dolo and for only 24 hours.

"Maya how the hell could you plan a trip to Miami for one day?!"

Now before you look at me like I'm crazy, I mainly went to Miami for business, but definitely dabbled in some pleasure AKA so much food.

The 2nd Annual Women In Radio Dinner was being hosted in Miami and I just had to go!

Wait...what's Women In Radio?

Women In Radio is an organization started in 2016 by Florida A&M graduate Meaghan Taylor for the support and advancement of women in the radio industry. Radio is a competitive market, but often times it lacks diversity and Women in Radio is a place where women can feel a sense of togetherness.

However, this organization isn't just limited to on-air personalities! Programmers, Board Operators, Engineers, Promotions, Sales, Producers, Traffic, Administrative Assistants, Interns etc. are all welcome to join the family!

I'll come back to this later on!


Let's begin with Sunday morning. My day started at 4 AM.

After all the craziness that is TSA Check-In, I finally arrived at my gate and boarded.

I landed in Miami earlier than expected which means almost nothing was open. But I was determined to get the most out of this trip!

After changing from New Jersey winter clothing to sunny Miami attire in a Miami International Airport bathroom stall, #classylady, I called my Uber to head down to Wynwood.

Miami Travel Tip: Brush up on your Español! It's spoken everywhere in Miami! Fortunately I retained a good amount of my 9th grade Spanish to communicate with my drivers.



To give my shoulders a rest from lugging bags around, I stopped into the Miami Mojito Company.

Here's where the challenge comes in when traveling alone. I am super duper shy and I won't engage in a conversation unless someone approaches me first. However, I knew the only way to survive this trip was to force myself out of my comfort zone and talk to...well...strangers.

I approached the girl at the bar and told her about this being my first trip to Miami, yada yada yada. She asked me where I was from and when I said New Jersey she lit up and replied, "me too!" So we bonded over things from back home. I learned she was from a town not too far from me. She also told me about life in Miami.

Lesson learned. You NEVER know who you are going to meet and what you'll learn if you just talk to people.

Wynwood Walls

PSA! If anyone can find this artist, let me know so I can credit them! Thanks xoxo

I'm not a person who likes to engage in touristy attractions when I travel, but Wynwood is a MUST SEE.

If the cold and grey New York and New Jersey winters are like Kansas, Wynwood is like Oz! Splashes of color everywhere! From the walls to the food. And I was Dorothy, carrying around my bags in awe of my surroundings.

Every street and corner pops with art and the people create such a vibrant experience while in Miami. Make sure you have your camera or smart phone on you. Trust me you don't want to miss anything!

Morgan's Restaurant

For brunch I stopped at Morgan's Restaurant and it was packed! Perks of traveling alone? You don't have to wait long or at all for a seat! Morgan's is adorable! Every inch of that place screams brunch in Miami!

Yum Yum: The "Voluptuous Grilled Cheese" caught my eye. Not just because of the name, but the description on the menu. It didn't break down what was on the plate, it simply said "Ask Why We Call It That." So I did. That grilled cheese was made with 3 different cheeses and I added bacon and hot sauce, because hot sauce clearly goes with anything. I ordered a Bellini to wash it all down.

The Wynwood Yard

At around 1:30 PM I checked into my hotel. Shout out to the Best Western Plus for letting me check in 2 hours early! I threw my bags onto the bed and headed back to Wynwood.

Food trucks fill up The Wynwood Yard lot and it's definitely a hub of food and culture in Miami. So of course I had to eat some more.

Yum Yum: I had to taste the Shrimp Escabeche taco from Pasilla Tacos. The shrimp was fresh, the cilantro was perfect. Oh man, I love tacos. I of course had to grab another drink from the bar.

The Wynwood Yard is a cool place to chill out and hear some amazing music. Definitely a feel good vibe!


That's right, I got even MORE food. Down the street from The Wynwood Yard is a sushi and ceviche place, properly titled, Suviche. Don't judge me ya'll, I love food and plus I walked all this off anyway! Unfortunately my phone was on the verge of dying so I didn't take any photos of my dish but I'll use their IG images to show you guys what I had. BTW if you're traveling with bae, this is a perfect date spot!

Yum Yum: I ordered the Lomo Saltado Spring Rolls, the Jalapeño Roll and the Samba Roll.


 Jalapeño Roll at Suchive

Lomo Saltado Spring Rolls at Suviche

Early Evening

Okay, I'll chill out with the food for a while, but trust me there's more!

I got back to my hotel to get ready for the real reason I was in Miami, the Women in Radio Dinner (WIR). Armed with my mom's purple dress, the theme was Spring Chic, confidence and a shit ton of business cards I made my way to the event.

On the elevator, I met a woman who worked as a media personality in the Sacramento market. Boom, one business card exchanged!

We got to our floor and entered a room full of chattering, networking and photo snapping women. The energy was incredible. First, WIR founder Meaghan opened up the night's agenda and how much WIR and our attendance meant to her. We then heard from the panelists which included:

  1. Supa Cindy, 99 JAMZ
  2. Georgia Beasley, Futuri Media
  3. Sondra Rae, XL 106.7
  4. Elizabeth Hamma, Senior VP/Marketing Manager of Alpha Media WPB
  5. Stichiz, 103.5 The Beat

And a musical performance by Teenear and Write Sounds.

They also announced the winner of the Year Of Show Imaging competition. You know the thing I was pestering you all to vote for me for? LaShayna of 107.9 The Beat took home the gold! Notice how I said winner right? So believe me when I say I was shocked AF when they called my name as the winner of a Louis Vuitton handbag. I was looking around like "Maya who?"

I accepted my prize and made a a tiny speech and went back yo my seat shaking with nerves and excitement. Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting process! I appreciate you!

The entire message of the event was "Queens never compete. Fix another Queen's crown without telling the world that it was crooked." Afterward we had the opportunity to network and head over to the after party. I didn't want to carry around a bag that cost more than my whole trip so I went back to the hotel, got all dolled up, outfit number 4 by the way, and explored Miami's night life.

I walked around downtown, went to check out the home of the Miami Heat and of course got more food. #NoShame.

My last meal in Miami was spent at Coyo Taco, I told ya'll I love tacos!

I had a carne asada and camarones tacos. Again, sorry no photos...just enjoyed the moment on this one!

My first and last day in Miami on this trip was amazing and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. Not even going the entire day without any sleep!

I'm always looking for suggestions! What are some of your favorite spots in the 305? Tell me in the comments below!