Taco Tuesday at Jersey City's Taqueria Downtown

Whether it’s an authentic Mexican hole in the wall spot or a feature on the list of the World’s Best Restaurants, tacos have made their presence known loud and proud! Tacos allow you to get creative! Fill it with meat, fish or colorful vegetables and grains that will satisfy any vegan or vegetarian foodie!

Being so close to NYC can sometimes cloud the fact that there are so many amazing food options right here in New Jersey.

Last year I stumbled across one of the best tacos ever from an authentic Mexican restaurant located on a cozy corner in Jersey City. This is the go to Taco Tuesday spot for my boyfriend and I and I’m about to share this gem with you! Taqueria Downtown Catering Co is a tiny spot that cooks up some amazing (and inexpensive) tacos along with many other Mexican dishes.

You have to start off with a large, yummy helping of chips and guacamole for $7. I constantly rave about this guac and which means a lot considering that I was someone who avoided it at all cost until last year.


Next, you can choose from an assortment of tacos. My go to are the steak tacos. They’re tender and full of flavor and are paired with fresh cilantro and onions. I recently added chorizo to my go to picks and this is a great choice if you like your tacos with a bit of a spicy kick!

Flavor tip: Put the left over guac on your tacos #Perfection


To wash it all down, order one of their margaritas. I know you’re traditionally supposed to have salt on the rim, but I prefer sugar. They don’t have many liquor options, but they do offer an assortment of Mexican beers and sodas.

Next time your in Jersey City on a Tuesday, or any day really, stop by Taqueria Downtown Catering Co and sink your teeth into some amazing tacos!

Tried it? Let me know what you think! Share your feedback and photos!