What Makes Me Feel Sexy? My Interview With Smart Is So Sexy!

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since I launched mayasmoment.com and the journey has been amazing! I appreciate the feedback on my content and the ideas my readers are sending my way!

It feels good when someone genuinely appreciates your vision and craft. So I was flattered when I received a DM from Smart Is So Sexy asking to interview me for their blog. Up until that message, I hadn't heard of Smart Is So Sexy, so I did some research.

Smart Is So Sexy (SISS) is a T-shirt company that started back in 2013. Their goal is to inspire, empower and strengthen women. (Don't worry fellas, they have stuff for you too!) The company teamed up with Mama Foundation and with every shirt sold, the proceeds go towards buying backpacks for children in Jamaica.

I checked out the SISS Interview section of the blog and was touched and inspired by some of the stories I read from these amazing women. 

Thank you SISS and Locksley Gayle for this great opportunity! You guys are doing great work!

Check out my interview with SISS here!

When do you feel the sexiest?

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Girl power is about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within, so even if you’re not wearing a sexy outfit, you feel sexy.
— Nicole Scherzinger