Mental Medicine: Slay Your Day With These 10 Affirmations

The above is probably one of my favorite affirmations. I first heard it on Episode 74 of Buzzfeed‘s Another Round

Every time I play it back, a wide smile spreads across my face and a warm feeling rises up inside of me! This goes to show how important positive affirmations are for one's physical, mental and emotional well being. Speaking things into existence has played a major role in my journey for self-love and care. The following is a list of affirmations that personally help me and I hope they help you too! Have any personal affirmations of your own? Comment them below!

  1. I can and I will.

  2. I am tender like a lover and strong like a fighter.

  3. I will not compare my life to the life of those on the Internet.

  4. I feel healthy, confident and beautiful in my own skin.

  5. Your afro looks poppin' today.

  6. I will laugh/smile at least once today.

  7. Radiate positive vibes to those around you.

  8. I will do at least one creative thing today.

  9. Apply, apply, apply. (Job applications and in life)

  10. I am enough.

Now, go slay your day! Remember, you poppin'!

I want you to look at the person next to you. I want you to say, “Look at you. Have you looked at you today? You poppin.” One more time, ‘Have. you. looked. at. you. to. day? You poppin.’
— Christina Coleman